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Administrative Law

With the sheer number of difficulties related to administrative law, administrations can often find themselves in situation which have no easy solution.

To achieve and maintain an easy working it is important to be able to rely on an expert service that knows how the Government Administration works.

LegalStrengths has enormous experience in dealing with the public administrations, which allows us to offer the following services:

Assistance with drafting normative projects
Legal representation before the Authorities
Public tenders



Assistance with drafting normative projects
- Analysis of legislative innovations
- Development of local- and regional-level normative rules and regulations
- Regulatory project economic feasibility reports
Legal representation before the Authorities in matters of

- Forced expropriation
- Government public asset responsibility
- Recovery of unwarranted collectionssegSep
- Support in the processing of authorizations, licenses and administrative permits
Public tenders
- Preparation and revision of tender specifications and public contracts
- Assistance to Authorities with the related tender procedures
- Assistance with administrative penalty procedures fines various kinds of offences